"I want to thank you for capturing the spirit of Twin Lakes Beach in your painting. Twin Lakes has always been a backdrop for my life. My life has been shaped by this sense of place. It is in my earliest memories, my childhood, my youth, and it continues to be a place I am drawn to for so many reasons: exercise, relaxation, celebration, inspiration, solitude, contemplation, comfort, or just a moment to breathe and rejoice in the beauty of nature.

In short, you have given me a beautiful representation of a very important place in my world. That it was created just for me makes it even more precious.

Your work is stunning. You have created a piece of art that includes the physical features of the place and captures the spirit I derive from it."                                                                                                            -Kathleen and Steve Shay
                                                                                                                              Fremont, CA

Maia Negre Fine Art & Design
Maia Negre Fine Art & Design

"Maia Negre has blown people away at this year's $100,000 Comerica Bank Challenger (July 9-17, 2011) at Seascape Sports Club in Aptos, California.

Not only did she paint one the best posters the event has ever had in it's 24 year existence but she also re-designed the official T-Shirt which quickly became a super cool tennis shirt that everyone loved. All of us at Seascape Sports club highly recommend Maia and her abilities as an artist and a graphic designer."

-Rick Kepler, USPTA Tennis Director
Seascape Sports Club, Aptos CA

Maia Negre Fine Art & Design

"I do and teach a lot of healing work using imagery. Maia’s "Double Wave" print over my bed has been very helpful in imagining waves flowing over me and washing away the cancer (which is now gone for good!) Blessings to you, Maia, and your work.

-Catherine Kelber, San Francisco CA

Maia Negre Fine Art & Design

Maia Negre Fine Art & Design
"We have multiple pieces of Maia's art at our headquarters.
Her beautiful work not only brings peace and serenity to our office, but also a sense of enjoyment to our staff members and visiting guests."

Lisa Lent, CEO Founder of Vitalah
Maia Negre Fine Art & Design

"I wish I could call myself a mentor to Maia.
However, the spark and energy she brought to the 2010
Capitola Mural Project, and her obvious talent not just at making art,
but at marketing and branding it, made me feel like the protege.
Follow your dream, Maia!!"

-John Ton, Mural Artist
Maia Negre Fine Art & Design

Maia Negre Fine Art & Design
"We love the painting and the artistic process.
Keep rocking!"

Doug and Sally Weymouth

"It was a pleasure to work with you. We are beach people and wanted
a family portrait at Pismo Beach. You listened to what we wanted and did
a great job translating our ideas onto canvas. You understand the ocean and its movement.
We are all very happy with our painting!"

-Lynn Scadden, Tiburon, CA

"There is a beautiful lightness in Maia Negre's art.
There seems to be a direct flow from spark-of-inspiration to canvas,
which is admirable from a fellow artist.
Not only does her work bring a great aesthetic to the world,
but as a professional, Maia understands her clients and really delivers."

-Tim Ward, Ward Art Studios
Maia Negre Fine Art & Design
Maia Negre Fine Art & Design

"Maia has captured the essence of »California Color» with feeling in so many of her pieces of art .
Words that remind me of Maia: Vibrant, refreshing, creative and puts so much personality in her art pieces.
Her work even shows touches of mood at a specific moment».. and». Most of all a joy to work with."

-Patti Doran, Pacific Grove CA

"I always wished I knew who painted the lovely watercolor of my dad, Dave Sweet (and Buzzy Trent) surfing, and today, I found you. I can't tell you how often I admire your painting hanging on our wall.

The original photo (which was used as source imagery for the painting) was black and white, and later colorized. As a kid growing up and surfing every day, I was proud when that photo showed up in Surfer magazine. It is the only photo I have of my dad surfing but the watercolor immortalized it.

I would rather look at your painting then the original photograph, any day. I've looked at your gallery and see your art as calming, magical, happy, and inviting.

I just can't tell you my gratitude for the painting because you captured a moment very important to me.

-Greg Sweet, CA

Maia Negre Fine Art & Design