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A Northern California native...Maia Negre Fine Art & Design
born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area with French and Chinese heritage, Maia has been surrounded by the arts her entire life.

Her accomplished parents strongly cultivated her musical education from a very early age. Maia discovered her love for art and painting at the age of 17, and since then has not been able to put down her paintbrush.

Maia's artwork carries a passion for the beauty of the ocean, action sports, and the quintessential California lifestyle. Working with oil paints, her work captures the ethereal quality and fluidity of the ocean itself, whether she is painting a surf scene, coastal landscape or a vineyard sunset. An avid athlete and visual artist, her work is a unique reflection of energy, action and aesthetics.

Her work is exhibited throughout California at selected public and private events. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio painting and minor in business from San Jose State University. She resides in Santa Cruz, California.

Her art is collected and commissioned by art lovers and businesses worldwide. Contact Maia directly for a painting commission request or to check on the availablility of original works.

Watch an interview with Maia Negre, presented by the Craft Gallery in Capitola, California:

A portion of Maia's O'neill Sea Odyssey art series supports ocean education and awareness for the O'neill Sea Odyssey's nonprofit organization. Click here to learn more about the O'neill Sea Odyssey.
A portion of proceeds of all Maia Negre's gift cards available at Whole Foods, supports the Whole Planet Foundation. Click here to learn more about the Whole Planet foundation.
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